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Belated New Years List...

I'm a little late in this, but I had no time before we went out-of-town for a Christmas/birthday/New Year's party. So, I'll get right into my goals from the previous year...

Sticking to Novel in 90, even if I don't post at the community. If I can remember right, I believe I stuck with this for the beginning of the year, but then failed. Only because when we moved into our first house, it was really expensive for internet and so, I was out of touch, and even though I could have continued it, I found it hard with no one getting on me for not writing every day. Something I've been trying to work on for years now.

Finish editing The Storm's Edge. I didn't do this, but I don't know if I would say I failed it. I was doing some thinking on these stories and decided to switch the order around and add another novel to it. TSE is officially second in line, with The Renegade Typhoon being first. It is now my focus.

Begin Ire of the Tempest. I did exactly this and have gotten over 12K words added to it. Even though now it's third, I'm glad I did this, have a lot of ideas and got the ball rolling for when I am ready to be working on it. Also, it makes more sense now!

Finish The Ashen Sky and get ideas, at least, for the fourth in the Vendiss Tales. Failed. No excuse for this. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the Vendiss Tales until last week, but by then, I had so many things do to, there was no way I could finish it.

Not losing my temper at my brother's wedding. Well...that turned out interestingly. I don't know if I failed or succeeded on this goal. I made a small scene at rehearsal, hid in the car for sometime and when I calmed down, I went back in and continued like nothing happened. I finally spoke to him during the reception and now we're on speaking terms. Even though that minor hiccup, I think I did well enough.

Finally move. Anywhere. Somewhere. Huh. Funny. We did move in February to a house out in the middle of nowhere. It started out good, but then went downhill quickly. First, the stove never worked. Ever. Landlord never fixed it even though he promised he would. A/C went out in may and wasn't fixed until July, I believe. Fixed with window A/Cs, not the main house one. The gate stopped working, he promised he would fix it, never did. In May, he said he was going to put the property on the market to be sold. A few months later, he says he's taking it off because no one is going to buy it anyway. September, we get a notice on the gate saying the house is being foreclosed and the auction date is two weeks away. We move because we don't want to get to the point where there is nothing in our price and have to move back with his parents. So now we're in a smaller house, but we're in town and we have internet! The time it takes to get to work has halved, saving so much gas! It has it's problems, like leaking, but compared to the other place, we're doing good!

So, 2010, IMO, has been one of the worst years I've ever had. And I usually say a year goes by fast, but this one really flew by. December finally slowed down though! We've had many ups and downs, but way more downs than ups. We moved, adopted our beautiful dog, Kodiak, in March, I finished Hell's Hand, survived on our own, saw my brother get married, had to move a second time thanks to the problems, thought we were safe from him, but then we kept getting harassed, and then we got court papers. He's suing us for over $700, which isn't much, saying he didn't get the last month's rent, they didn't know we were moving even though our current property management called him to ask about us as tenants. The property was in the process of foreclosing BEFORE we moved in! And then, in September, Kodiak got sick, very quickly and it was very bad. Apparently he had cancer and the tumor was so large, it was beginning to push everything else, like his bladder and stomach, aside. We had two options, waiting for one of the doctors to get back from vacation to do an exploratory on the tumor, which was three more days away, or give him the injection. At first, we wanted to wait, but within the time of a day and a half, he was barely conscious. The owner of Patrick's work was kind enough to measure out the fluid and let Patrick do the injection himself. Our plan was to bring him back to our house and do it there, so he felt at ease. When we wheeled him outside, we knew we couldn't take him all the way home. They had a nice grassy and shady spot just outside, so we lowered him there and after sometime talking with him, he did it. We miss him so much, but in the end, we did the right thing. He was in so much pain and so unhappy, but when we brought him outside, he was happy. We saw it. My aunt made a beautiful ash box for us and now he's with us always.

I've learned so much from the previous year and I've grown a good bit and now I'm realizing things I never knew before. Though, Patrick and I have grown impatient with bad things happening, but we're trying to look at the bright side.

I'm still not quite sure what my new goals for the new year will be, but here are some:

2011 Goals:

I would like to either get more information about or actually attend classes in college. They're $25 a unit, so I may actually be able to afford it! I really would like to take creative writing and maybe even art, and who knows from there. The fact that I'm still thinking about college this time, I'm quite sure, I'll do it this year or next.

I want to be healthier. Working out more, sticking with yoga, as soon as I get my mats from storage, drinking more water, taking daily vitamins, and adding more fish to our diets. With all this stress on me, I'm worried about my heart. I don't care about losing weight, but I would like to tone up and be in better shape.

I would like to have a better attitude about things. I'm not a bad person, by any means, but I need to think about how the emotions I'm throwing out there are affecting others, and perhaps work will be easier if I work on my temper more. I'm still not sure what this extends to, but perhaps being more aware of what I'm putting out will give me more knowledge. I have friends who say Karma is real, I was believing, but then we got toppled with so many bad problems, I was being to doubt, but maybe it's not what you do, but how you react to things? Or maybe that's just a good way to keep you from say...killing someone? Either way.

I want to get my life into a routine. Wake up at a certain time, go to sleep at a certain time, and of course work out/yoga at a certain time. I understand our work isn't certain with time at all, so here and there if I break it, I understand, just as long as most of the time it's in the schedule.

I want to do my very best in court. I'm afraid my nervousness will ruin how I come across, though this kind of goes with the previous goal.

Attempt to finish my cosplay as Lightning by this year, other than that, I don't have really anymore sewing projects atm.

Work on The Renegade Typhoon. As much as I would like to say, "Finish it!" I'm not. It's rare I finish writing when I want. So if I'm easier on myself about it, maybe my chances of wanting to finish it will go up. And maybe if I get into college, it'll help.

Work on Night's Tears and other short stories. Hopefully finishing one by the end of this year.

Work more with Patrick on stories, even if we only do In-Character stories via talking about them, just as long as we get more thinking done, I'll be happy.

I really hope to get most of these done, or at least tried to. I have so much to work on and if I stay conscious on these thoughts, maybe some good change will happen. We could certainly use some good luck on our shoulders right now, and I really hope this year will be better than the last. Here's to 2011!

I'm Still Around

I am, honest. I'm just a little timid to post anything on my LJ anymore since I don't seem to get any real comments. Not surprised there, though, it seems most of my LJ-friends aren't around as much as they used to be. But in any case, I enjoy blogging about things I enjoy so in the future, I can slog through here and read.

We've been having a lot of problems with our old landlord - I'm not even sure I mentioned us moving to a new place or not...But either way, he thinks he's entitled to over $900 when the property was foreclosing and lucky him, since the whole government is screwed up, they keep pushing the sale date back. I wish it would hurry up and sale, because he thinks he still owns it. He may try to drag us to court over it, but his frickin' lease was printed off some website and isn't even specified to California standards. The lease isn't legal and so the terms don't hold sway over anything.

But besides that MAJOR headache, things are going well for Patrick and I. I've been mainly sewing blankets and getting Christmas presents. I haven't even looked through my documents in a while because we had a huge problem with ants and my computer had been disconnected for some time. But I have ideas. The Storm's Edge was originally intended to be the first out of three, until I felt like delving into the story long before TSE. The story that was in TSE's prologue. I didn't mean to make it novel-length, in fact, I only meant to do it for fun. Then I realized, it was pretty important and then it kind of fell into my queue list. It's titled The Renegade Typhoon, trying to keep the whole storm-thing going. I also was working on a "secret project" that, IF I ever get published, I would like to publish after those four have been. It's a diary of one of the characters taking place before, during, and after The Renegade Typhoon. The diary also acts as a list to follow for events happening in the novel, so it's a two-in-one. It should turn out to be very interesting.


We're finally connected to the internet! And as promised, here are the two outfits I've been working on.

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I haven't done much this year costume-wise, but I think from all the things we've gone through this year, it's understandable.

Internets! It's Coming!

Finally! And I mean, finally, we will be getting internet. Do you know how bored you can get without TV or internet, especially when you grew up with the such? So we're getting it installed on tuesday, which means I can now begin posting more often. I have some costume pictures that need to be uploaded and many other things.

I'm very excited for the internets to come to our house!

Oh, um, the house turned out to be foreclosing, so we got the Hell out of there and found a new place in town, which is why we can now afford internet. We're still having problems with the old landlord, but I won't get into that.



I'm already thinking of ideas and getting started on making them, not sure what we can do since Patrick will be working that Sunday, but I may dress up and visit him at his work. My idea is a vampire. It's the what if one of my characters were a vampire.

I have the corset sewn, but I need to hem it and put in eyelets and string it up, I'm working on the skirt, since I don't have the thingie to make those eyelet holes. On the side, I'm looking into a wig and vampire fangs, which may be found at the local costume store here, and then shoes of some kind.

Been asking Patrick if he would dress up with me, but he's saying no at the moment. Who knows, maybe I'll force him into an outfit.

Pictures when I get them and the next time I'm at the in-laws.

Sewing and Writing

I've been really wanting to take up another sewing project again and while I do have two almost finished outfits waiting for me, I want to do something else. Don't know what, but I know it's something else. I brought out my pastel gown so that maybe by having to look at it everyday, I'll be inspired to finish it. And then maybe I can finish Vash's duster. Speaking of which, I need to get pictures and upload it on my mom-in-law's computer the next time we're over.

As for writing, I'm finally getting back into Night's Tears and when I'm not writing, I'm focused on it and things are coming together. There are still a few things I'm a little uncertain about, but it'll string together the futher I get in the story. Also looking through the two main headaches, TSE and IotT, and trying to get the energy to deal with them. *headdesk* I'm a wonderful writer. :)